> [!breadcrumbs] [[Archive-Contents]] | [[2020 Feelingwork Book Draft|Feelingwork (2020)]] > *** > [[02 Introduction|Next: Introduction]] # Prologue When I work with a client these days, I find myself constantly wishing others could look over my shoulder. There's just something so amazingly cool about what The Feelingwork Practice makes possible that I want everyone to have access to it. What's so different about Feelingwork? Aren't there millions of coaches and therapists helping people all over the world, using hundreds of different techniques (or more)? Here is what makes Feelingwork unique. ## Mapping Your Own Terrain I offer you a special emoto-scope (yes I made this word up) to help you see your inner feeling terrain in 3D. The Feelingwork questions adjust your perception to be able to directly peer into the inner structure in a way that we simply have never tried before. In the past we've had to be content with looking at shadows on the wall, and either treating the shadows as reality or hypothesizing what might be causing them. Working with the underlying terrain of feeling has always been a very indirect undertaking. I offer you lots of experience in how to make maps of this inner terrain using the emoto-scope. I've spent many thousands of hours mapping my own terrain and have spent far more time leading others through mapping theirs. With all this experience, no matter what features you encounter in your inner terrain, I've seen similar. I know what to expect, and I know how to navigate. That huge mountain up ahead? I can help you angle your vision to see the other side of it. I can help you drill inside to see the lava deep within its core. And I can help you scale that mountain to see across the expansive vista of your own heart. ![[Pasted image 20220922182134.png]] Using my experience and your emoto-scope, together we create your unique map. You're looking through the scope, telling me what you see. It's your personal terrain, reassuringly familiar yet excitingly strange. I am merely a visitor. But because I know the laws governing these inner terrains, I know what questions to ask. I know streams flow downhill, and I'll ask you to track your stream upward to its source. I know that mountains do sometimes have lava inside, and I've got the equipment to drill in and find it. You are the adventurer, the explorer, the pioneer in your own landscape. I make sure you succeed in your quest. ## Making Your Own Changes It's pretty remarkable already that you have use of this emoto-scope of Feelingwork and get to map terrain that used to be very vague and difficult to grok. But this work gets way better. Not only do you get to make your own maps, but these maps have an unexpected benefit. You can use them to directly reshape your inner terrain. Is there a big cliff in the way of where you want to go? We flatten it out. A giant river torrent surging through your new home site? We redirect it. Storm clouds blocking the gentle sun? We sweep them away. You might think this requires a lot of work, or that you have to be some sort of trained inner landscape designer to do a good job. Not true. In fact, built into the landscape itself is a memory of its preferred contours and a strong impulse to restore its ideal topography. All we need to do is invite that transformation and it happens spontaneously. What this means is that you have within yourself everything you need to restore yourself to wholeness. There is nothing within you which does not strive for this, which does not want your highest good. There is no part of you which fits the designation of inherently not-enough, bad, lazy, evil, broken, shameful, or any other of the multitude of derogatory assessments that may have been levied upon you from the day of your birth. Every part of you longs for goodness, and all we need to do is to remind your parts of that truth and support them in restoring that within themselves. What this also means is that when you work with me, the ultimate source of wisdom comes from inside yourself. Not from me, not from any ideology, not from any theory of cognition or personality. It's just you with your own portal to the wisdom we all can access. When we're done, you have a new inner terrain, one that raises you up and guides you toward your own highest good. You have your new inner terrain and a great map for navigating it. ## The Scope for This Book This book gives you as much of the above framework as it is practical to do at this time. But that second point of the above framework, my thousands of hours of experience, can't really fit into a book very well. I've done the best I can for now, but your best access to that experience is more direct. The purpose of this book is to provide a foundation for a new community of inquiry and practice. If this work appeals to you, IĀ invite you to get involved. The implications of this work go deep into the heart of our collective enterprise on this planet. My original intention in writing the book was to take you into those implications. But I've decided to hold back. I prefer for you to see those for yourself. You will see things I do not. Together we will see things neither one of us could see on our own. That is how I prefer to extend the wisdom of what is here. The applications of this work go broad into the myriad activities of our society. This too is a place for which the best solution is to offer the foundation of the work directly to you, to enable you to develop applications which best serve your needs and passions. The community I am opening is a place for you to do that in the company of peers doing the same. *** > [!breadcrumbs] [[Archive-Contents]] | [[2020 Feelingwork Book Draft|Feelingwork (2020)]] > *** > [[02 Introduction|Next: Introduction]]